Januar 2015 Intelligent, lightweight screwdrivers
HS-Technik explains that the TorqBee PRO-M tools give precision in the maximum range and have better
than a 1% high sensor accuracy, which guarantees precise and repeatable screw connections...
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Januar 2014 Benchmark in battery powered tools
The very high sensor precision, better than 1% full-scale, guarantees exact and repeatable screw connections for the process and thus the premium quality of the products produced...
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September 2013 Per Hand mit einer Abweichung unter einem Prozent schrauben
Der Akku-EC-Schrauber PROG-3 besitzt einen direkten Drehmoment- und Drehwinkelsensor...
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März 2013 Easy Touch Control - Versatile controller
The new ETC (Easy Touch Control) system monitors all steps of the production cycle and enables BNG-2010 or PowerRiv® battery riveters, as well as PROG-2 or PROG-3 programmable power tools...
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September 2012 HS-Technik´s new cordless driver
The new power tool includes a direct torque transducer with an accuracy, that HS-Technik say, is the highest ever seen in power tools...
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November 2011 Benchmark in battery riveting technology
With a maximum force of 18,000N, HS-Technik states that the high power version...
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August 2011 Badische Zeitung
Spitzenplatz bei der Akku-Technologie erreicht!
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